Glenn Podcasting

Glenn is best known as the creator of the comic book character Ace of Diamonds. He provided digital color on covers for that title as well as issues of Pantheon and Force Seven for Lone Star Press. He has worked in film, print, and television, including two highly rated specials for SCI FI Channel: The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence, and The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed. His experience ranges from video and film production to art and design work. Glenn and his wife Carly have written three screenplays together, more recently he has turned his attention to writing short stories and novellas. Glenn’s first short story, Master of the Dead, is due to be published in an anthology later this year. You can learn more about his writing projects at DarknessUnbound.com.

Since 2005 you can hear him talking about just about anything that’s not mundane at PodCulture.com where he is the co-host of a weekly podcast.  PodCulture is a 2007 Parsec Awards finalist for Best Reality Podcast. His segment,Guilty Pleasures, reviews B-movies, cult classics, and rare oddities like the infamous RoboVampire.

When he’s not working on one of his many projects, he spends his days with his head in the clouds as the videographer on a TV news helicopter.